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Emanate Brilliance

You are about to become a very successful and wealthy individual.

Our program has put you on the path to success.

You are on the corridor to higher status.

How do you wish to be seen, to be heard when you get there?

This is how you should be seen and heard now. Emanate your brilliance.

Assume your status.

Rise like the sun with dignity, calmness and grace.

Be careful of your words, choose them wisely. You are important. Things you say can come back to affect you. People listen to you, they respect you, things you say may be recorded and used as learning points.

Quit vain talk, invest that time looking, reading, thinking.

Be well kept. Dress dignified, clean.

Attract better relationships. Relate better.

One who talks sweet does not have an enemy and is blessed with plentiful of wealth and good fortune.

~ Rig Veda

Wear the garb of elevation.

Get some shoe polish.

We are not going down this road dusty and disheveled.

We are builders.

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